Rating: 9.2
Duration: 02 hr 17 min
Category: Drama
Actors: Imran Aslam,Saleem Mairaj,Syed Karam Hussain
Director: Farhan Alam

The plot

Saawan is a story of a 9-year old Balochistan boy, stricken by polio in Pakistan. he was rejected by his father, hated by society and harassed by his peers. He gets left behind in his village as the residents are forced to vacate the valley where they live, but he relies on the memories of his mother and begins a journey towards the city. Saawan achieves self-rehabilitation, befriends a spirit living in the mountains and meets his new best friend, a three-legged dog. He then encounters kidnappers from whom he rescues 4 kids. While on his trip, he is followed by the kidnapper, search by his father and a journalist tracing his steps on to the journey. As Saawan reaches close to ?nishing his journey the kidnapper attacks killing 40 people with Sawaan getting injured.

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